*If you were a Suds customer prior to February 8, 2024, please read all of the information on this page to avoid any surprises.


Our driver will now be doing one longer route per day (8am-3pm) instead of  the separate morning and evening routes. You will now receive a text when the driver is on their way.                      


Orders will now be delivered back the following day between 8am-3pm. You will receive a text when the driver is on their way and when your order has been delivered. You can even track the driver! See below if you need your laundry ready the same day.


If you're a customer with recurring pickups (ie. Weekly or bi-weekly), you do not need to schedule anything. We are doing that for you. You can adjust your day on your profile if you need to. Or contact us for help. 


Loyalty points is changing. You will now receive points on every dollar spent. Any balance of rewards from the old system will be applied to your first order on the new system. See below for more information. 


You will now have some "Preference" options saved on your profile. These include products and payments.  Please read below to learn the importance of these and what they mean. 

Your Account

The new software that we are using is called CleanCloud. It is specifically designed for Laundry businesses, so it has a lot of useful features for us. *If the internet isn't you're friend, and you typically call or email us to book an appointment, you can continue to do that. You don't need to do the Login steps below if you don't plan to use the online booking tool. You can access your account here on the "Book Now" page, or by downloading the CleanCloud App. Important: Your account is already there! When logging in for the first time as a previous Suds customer, do not create a new account. Choose "Login", Enter the email address that we have on file, and select "forgot your password". Follow the steps and then you will have access to your account. 

For the App, you have to search by store. Search "Suds Laundry". Careful of any other store that might be near you. Look for our Logo!


Your Prefences

Unfortunately the notes that we had on file for you were not transferable when the customer database was transferred. The same goes for saved Credit Cards. So we need you to tell us your preferences. On your account, go to your Profile and "Update Account Info". These include detergent/products and Credit Card on file. The Credit Card question is important as this system will remember the last Credit Card that you paid with (on this system).. So we want you to choose whether you want us to go ahead and charge your Credit Card or not. If you had a credit card on file on the old system, you will need to add it again to your account. 

You can also write any additional notes/instructions in the Saved Order Notes field. You can update your info and preferences at any time. 


Loyalty Points

CleanCloud doesn't support our old Loyalty points program. All remaining balances of Loyalty points on the old system will be applied to your first order on the new system, by way of a $ discount on that order. New Loyalty points are accumulated automatically, no need to sign up! You acquire 5% on every dollar spent, as credit. You can save up your credit or redeem anytime after $5 earned. It is up to you to claim your credit when you want to use it. It's not done automatically on this system. You can call us to apply them if you need help. 

You can also earn $10 for inviting a friend to use our service! And they get $10 off too.  Online/App only.


Need it ready the same day?

If you really need your laundry ready on the same day, there is still an option. We can pick it up for you, but you will have to pick it up yourself in-store. This will guarantee an early pickup and laundry ready to be picked up by 5:00pm. The express fee is $0.50 cents/lb. Or $8 for comforters. Maximum 2 bags or 2 comforters. (Minimum $15 Express charge). All info is on the "Services" Page.

Thank you 

Thank you for your support during this transition.

We thing you will love the features of the new system!

If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please email the owner directly at [email protected]