Services to suit you

The Basics...

We provided the laundry products. Hypoallergenic available at no extra cost. Just let us know your preferences when you book online or over the phone (just the first time). 

FREE Pickup & Delivery! Returned the next day. Pickup and delivery routes are between 8AM-3PM, 7 days a week. With the Cleancloud App, you can track your order in real time. You will receive alerts when the driver is enroute. 

(Minimum order $29). Some areas have a larger minimum order charge. Click below to view the minimum charge for your area.


How to book a Pickup

By App: Download the Cleancloud App on iOS or Google and search for Suds Laundry (make sure its us, there might be other businesses using the App near you - look for our Logo!) With the App you can update your preferences and track the driver!

Online: Go to "Book Now" here on our website. (This is the web version of Cleancloud)

Call us: 905-336-0178

Email: [email protected]

or Drop-off in person

No appointment necessary.

2451 Mount Forest Drive, Burlington (at Guelph line)

Depending on how early you drop off and how busy we are, we "may" be able to have it ready the same day. If you really need it done the same day, you can choose our Express same-day service to be bumped to the front of the line.

Express same-day service is available for an extra $0.50/lb. (Minimum $15 express charge) but you'll have to come and pick it up yourself in store. Sorry we don't have return delivery available for the same day. You can have your order picked up still, or drop it off yourself. Drop off must be received by 11:00am and will be ready by 7:00pm or earlier. (Max. 2 bags) 



Laundry Wash & Fold ...............$1.99/lb

Laundry Wash (Not Folded) ................$1.39/lb

Add-on Pre-treat individual stains ............$0.50/lb

Laundry "Sort & Prep" .............$2.79/lb (laundry is sorted into lights/colours/linens, untucked before washing and pockets checked. Items are checked individually for stains and pre-treated)


Single ............$25

Double/Full ............$30

Queen & King ............$35

Reusable Suds Laundry Bag ............$10

*warn out or damaged bags will be replaced for free.


Contact us about the following items that are available, but not bookable online:

Pillows ............$10

Small Rug (max 2'x3') ..........$15

Ruggable (up to 5'x8') ..............$30 *Ruggable type only. We cannot wash large rugs with stiff backing.

Dog Bed ............ $20

Pet hair removal from laundry ............ $18 /30 minutes. *Sorry we cannot estimate the time that it will take. 

Payment is preferred by Credit card on file. If you don't have a card on file, when your order is complete you will receive an email with a link to pay for your order that must be paid before laundry is returned. That credit card will then be saved to your account for future orders. You can also pay by debit/credit at the door, cash, or Email Transfer. Please let us know ahead of delivery if you are paying at the door or by E-transfer. 


A few things to remember:

Check your labels. Sorry but we just don't have time to check individual labels. We wash in water - no dry cleaning. 

If you don't have a reusable laundry bag, please put your laundry in garbage bags. No hampers please.

Laundry can be left on your porch for pickups. Clean laundry will be left at the door unless otherwise specified. 

If there is no laundry left or no answer at the door and phone, the driver will wait 5 minutes and try again. If still no luck, sorry but we have to move on. No guarantee that the driver can come back that day. This also applies to deliveries where laundry cannot be left. A Credit Card must be added to your account before your first pickup. A $10 "No Show" fee will be charged. For deliveries, we'll try again the next day. If there's no response on the second day, contact us to make arrangements. You can pickup instore or we can come back out for a $10 fee.


Lite Commercial

Are you looking for commercial service?

We cater to lots of small business and commercial clients who don't have mass amounts of laundry.

For example: Spas, Salons, Massage Therapists, Dental offices, restaurants, mechanics, etc. 

The prices and services are the same as residential.


Feces? No thank you!

Feces stains or "skid marks" is one thing, but we will not process orders with actual feces clumps (human or animal). It is your responsibility to to ensure there is none. If any is found at any point during the laundry process, the process will be stopped and laundry will be bagged up as-is. Meaning if it is discovered when the attendant is removing your laundry from the washing machine, your laundry will be bagged up wet and return to you the following day. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.